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Reusable Bag Design

Designed a reusable bag for a Mexican retail store that shows their culture and colors. It is made from acrylic fiber measuring 13″x15.5″x8″. 100,000 were printed and are selling in 15 stores. Software used:  Illustrator and Photoshop      


Veggie Tamales Banner

My client wanted to introduce veggie tamales for the vegetarian eaters. I set up a display to take the picture and incorporated it in a simple design. Software used: Photoshop and Canon Camera EOS Rebel T3    


Supermarket Weekly Ad

Designed a weekly mailer for a growing hispanic retail company with more than 50 stores, Cardenas Supermarket. The goal was to keep close to the same item count as their previous design, space for coupons and marketing ad. I accomplished this […]